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Abstract Artist Futurist Hans Henrik Petersen - Always a Bold Aesthetic Experience - Action Painting with Intriguing Biometric Forms. Stirring, Rousing, Stimulating Themes. Spirituous Colors and Textures.

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Hans Henrik Petersen is a Danish modern artist/ graphic arts designer who was born in Copenhagen, Denmark after the close of World War II. He has worked most of his adult life in New York City and the U.S. Southeast. Currently, he resides with his wife Barbara in SC where he paints in his studio on Lake Wylie. Youth and Inspiration: Hans’ father was a lawyer and his mother worked at home raising her two young sons. His maternal grandfather was a letterpress printer who printed art books and exposed Hans to art museums and sophisticated printing styles. While a young lad Hans enjoyed the touch of wet paint and the associated aromas generated in an art laboratory. His first memory of a modern art painting is of a forest scene created by William Scharf that he saw in a free art museum pamphlet. William Scharf is an abstract-expressionist painter whose work is noted for its expansive color applied with sweeping gestures and bold structures. He is an artist who seems better known among other artists than the general public. In high school Hans took an art history class and travelled with his classmates to Paris, where at the Louvre, he became enamored with the paintings of Marc Chagall. Later, Hans took great delight in designing programs for school plays. In 1968 he had aspired to attend the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, but was deterred from doing so due to a hostile takeover of the prestigious art school by a Marxist student group. He worked a few years for a graphic design firm and in more calm times entered the Royal Academy for studies. There he was inspired by the CoBrA movement. To this day his work draws on the movement’s basic principles that inject color and excitement into his work. The acronym of CoBrA is derived from the names of the cities Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam, home cities of the artists who founded CoBrA during a major international conference held in Paris in 1948. Asgar Jorn (1914 - 1973), a Danish painter and member of CoBrA influenced Hans' artistic expression more than any other artist. Jorn is best known for thickly-painted canvases, often produced by automatism or random means, and related to action painting.

Emigration from Denmark: In 1976 after a holiday trip to Majorca, Hans decided abruptly to leave for a new life in New York City. Here he worked at the leading pre-press agency where he gained his strong foundation for understanding all aspects of color separations for print media. After three years he left this position to become a principal and creative director for a successful design firm specializing in corporate identity and promotions. As a young professional he created his own furniture from pressed-wood and painted his own canvases to hang on the wall of his flats in NYC. Home Base in the US Southeast but His Paintings Have Gone Global: He relocated to Charlotte N.C. in 1991, where his innovative graphic style distinguished the International Furnishing Center’s Promotional material for more than 15 Years. In 2005 Hans decided to dedicate his life as a full time painter and dedicated artist. His work is in galleries in New York City, Hoboken, NJ, Charlotte, NC, Stamford, CT, and Monterrey, CA, and in private collections around the world. Hans’ love of architecture dates back to his student years in Copenhagen and inspires his ongoing ART-I-TECTURE series. This work reflects how Hans processes different aspects of architecture and environments and translates them into abstract, graphic and expressionistic paintings. As the name suggests, he relies on his knowledge of architecture and color to create visions of real or imagined images. The series continues to evolve. Hans Henrik Petersen has painted more than 350 canvases, mostly life size works, and continues to evolve and paint more enthusiastically as each year passes. In 2011, Hans was named a Top 50 Emerging Artist by Art Business News. Awards in 2012 include: • Best Solo Artist, 2012 New York Art Expo, • Featured Artist for Beaux Arts Festival, Coral Gables, Florida • Best Artist, 39th Annual Westport Fine Arts Festival. Artist Statement: “Paintings with impact bring me pleasure. I strive to infuse a distinctive energy and character into my work to achieve excitement for myself and for others. If it goes unnoticed, it simply wasn’t worth (while) painting. Painting for me is a process of wanting to explore something different each time I address a new canvas but it is a process of relating to what I have done before."


miamiMiami Magenta

Vincent Harrison, Owner
Castle Fitzjohns Gallery
98 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

The first time that I saw Hans Henrik Petersen’s art was at the 2011 Miami Basel Show. With the sheer volume and multitude of art on display, and being immersed in the business of art, it takes something special to grab my attention. The visual impact of seeing Hans' “Miami Magenta” for the first time was phenomena, as this painting

draws you into its composition no matter where you are viewing it in the gallery. Art patrons are able to appreciate the depth of understanding, the skillful use of the principles and elements of design and applied color theory in this Petersen composition. Hans is a disciple of the CoBrA and Host movements of the mid 20th century, and now he is a vibrant 21st century artist with his own unique and deliberate abstract method. Petersen’s abstractions take different forms, some geometric while others are

life-form or simply repetitive patterns. Castle Fitzjohns Gallery has been representing Hans Henrik Petersen for two years and he remains one of our best selling artists to clients across the country. It is an honor to represent such great work at a time in the art world where branding and marketing often replace integrity and quality.


Ruthie Tucker
Executive Director-Curator
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery
511 West 25th Street
Chelsea New York, NY 10001

The Modern painter Joan Miro stated, “My characters have undergone the same process of simplification as the colors. Now that they have been simplified, they appear more human and alive than if they had been represented in all their details.” Contemporary painter Hans Henrik Petersen’s compositions are explorations that vibrantly stimulate perception through line, color and form. Both his

adept skills as a colorist and his design qualifications allow Petersen to reduce formal characteristics to geometrical simplicity, expressing representation through the juxtaposition of variegated lines and multifaceted color. Inspired by the CoBrA movement, Hans imbues his art with vibrant color and energy. In his compelling oeuvre ART-I-TECTURE, he processes different aspects of architecture and environment, translating them into abstract, graphic expressionistic paintings. One views his painting ‘Hovedstaden” and realizes through its title that the

saturated canvas, consumed by a dynamic grid-structure, represents a personal interpretation of this Danish city. Rather than presenting a literal view, Petersen excitingly interprets this bustling city symbolically, expressing dynamism through a spontaneous intermixture of violent strokes and saturated hues. His labyrinthine compositions explore representation through the playful juxtapositions of forms, expressing sensationally the energy of the world into patterns and textures that seem to dance on the canvas.


Eric Smith
Editor in Chief
of Art Business News
SOLO Achievement Award
ArtExpo New York 2012

ArtExpo New York, recognized as leading international fine art trade show, has a long history of showcasing original art across all mediums to a global audience, industry professionals and collectors seeking to discover new work from established and emerging artists. As evidence of the ArtExpo’s team’s passion for

discovering and mentoring new talent, ArtEXpo New York features SOLO Pavilion, where a select group of the world’s top emerging and independent artists receive a platform to present their work at a high profile art venue. Each year a jury of art industry professionals evaluated more than 200 SOLO artists to identify the artist whose work stands out for its exceptional originality. In March 2012, Hans Henrik Petersen received this prestigious award. Rick Barnett, managing Director

of the Business Development Group noted “Hans Henrik Petersen’s exhibition was like taking a trip to the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. Hans achieved a remarkable zenith through his interpretation of shape and form. He and his work will be taken note of by seasoned collectors and galleries.”

centraCentral Park

Kelly Clair
Design and Art
Historian and Collector

Hans Petersen’s Architectural Paintings convey a mysteriousness and sense of wonder. The paintings create a visual starting point, a cityscape where the viewer senses the existence of life; yet there are very few hints as to the type of lives being lived. Like all of Hans' work, if the viewer participates and collaborates to finish the message the painting conveys, the possibilities are endless. In

Hans Petersen’s painting “Central Park”, the loose brush strokes and layers of paint imply it’s a City in Action. Hans’ color palette typically implies romantic notions where the viewer is moved to feel pleasing sensations. Unlike the dark sensuous stirring in his night scenes, in “Central Park” there are feelings of optimism and innocence. Regardless of the time of day, The City in Action is to be enjoyed. In “Central Park,” the point of view is, at once, both topographical and street level. Viewing the City

topographically organizes the viewer’s mind and allows one to focus on the diversity New York City offers. This allows the viewer to interact with the painting, as individual memories are recalled. Viewing Hans’ architectural paintings allows the viewer to escape and partake into the vignettes of one’s imagination. What is taking place in that apartment window; what is happening in the Streets of Soho? The pleasures are ongoing and the possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination.

kissKiss Me

Kelly Clair
Design and Art
Historian and Collector

( Hans Henrik Petersen’s Neo-Expressionistic Head Paintings) Hans Henrik Petersen’s Head Painting combines a vibrancy of color and banality of expression in a classic Neo-Expressionistic Style. The color palettes when described seem awkward, yet the unexpected visual impact intrigues and induces further curiosity. The color palettes convey a strong and positive energy... without thought the viewer is sublimely pleased. As is typical of the Neo- Expressionists, the visual impact and color palette are enough to satisfy one’s expectations of pleasure. But these paintings are not one-dimensional. The figures appear seemingly primitive and

expressionless, yet with the collaboration one’s imagination, they transform to play the characters in an endless variety of stories. Dreamlike fantasies provide ongoing pleasures of escapes. In the Paintings with two figures, the man usually is visually focused on the woman... imagine that... and by doing so establishes his captivation with her. Is he strictly watching; does her beauty weaken him; is he attracted to her sexuality; is he frustrated over today’s drama? On the other hand, as the woman typically does not interact face to face with the man, is she aware of his interest; is she too shy to acknowledge him; is she interested and playing hard to get; has she shut down from hearing this complaint yet again? The possibilities are endless. Once one starts to imagine the

story being told, the characters become extremely expressive acting out the role the viewer develops in today’s story. Tomorrow-another tale is to be told.... Hans’ Paintings are his own, unique to him, yet there are direct influences like Appel Guston, Baselitz and Basquiat. The paintings with their brilliant color and primitive imperfect childlike images are spectacular examples of the Cobra Movement. The paintings do not record a scene from history but rather, with viewer participation make their own history now and into the future. They are paintings to take to a desert island!

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